1. Contact Bell Pool & Patio approximately two weeks prior to wanting your pool opened for the swimming season.
  2. You will need to get your pool cover bag, ladder, rails, diving board or any other pool related items out of storage & leave near pool side.
  3. Please make sure that any pets are in a secure area to ensure their safety during our service visit.
  4. Some pools may have a water fill line which requires a valve inside of the house to be turned on.  Communicate with us about getting into the house to turn the water on once ready, or homeowner can turn on.
  5. We will remove pool cover, clean, fold & place in the pool cover bag.
  6. We will remove any winter plugs, reinstall  all fittings, plugs, ladder, rails, & diving boards.
  7. Pool equipment will be started.
  8. Check all operations of equipment.
  9. Add opening chemicals (not included in pool opening price) & brush pool.
  10. We offer additional services of Spring pool cleaning & balancing.
  11. Typical Spring cleaning is 4 or 5 hours.
  12. Spring cleanup consists of vacuuming & brushing of pool surface. Pool water, chemical balancing. Pool filter backwashing & cleaning.
  13. Always mention any unusual or unique feature of your pool when scheduling opening.

All pool owners will need a pool water test kit, a telescopic pool pole, vacuum head, vacuum hose, vacuum plate, leaf net and brush.

Many pool accessories are available through Bell Pool & Patio, including Automated controls, outdoor furniture and other unique outdoor pool accessories.

  1. Backwash sand or DE Filters.
  2. Drain water below your pool return fittings (round wall fittings on the side wall of pool). To do this turn pump off.
  3. Turn skimmer valves to the closed position, leave bottom drain valve in the open position.
  4. Move multi-port valve to the waste position, turn pump on, run pump until pool water level is approximately 1 inch below return fittings.
  5. Leave skimmers valves closed & bottom drains valve open.
  6. Move multi-port valve back to the filter position & turn pump back on. Pool water will come out of returns above pool water level.
  7. Add winterizing chemicals, keep pump running until our crew comes to winterized all lines, equipment & install winter cover.
  8. Remember to leave out your winter plugs & cover bag.
  9. If there is any type of pool water fill system, the water must be turned off inside of house. To winterized water fill line, our crew will need access to inside of house to blow water out of this line.
  10. Homeowner needs to watch pool water level throughout winter, keep pool water level below skimmers. To do so you will have to pull cover loose in an area & look under to see if pool water level is getting too high.
  11. If water is too high, a submersible pump will have to be placed in pool to remove pool water to a lower level or start a simple siphon to lower pool water.
  12. To improve pool water quality & reduce spring pool chores, add a non chlorine shock & algae-preventer in early spring once pool water has thawed.
  13. Circulate pool water with submersible pump.

Schedule Your Pool Opening or Closing

Choose a date service is requested. We will do our best to accommodate that date. No appointments are confirmed until we get in contact with you.