Owning and maintaining a swimming pool typically comes with lot of questions. We’re here to help answer your questions. We’ve tried to provide answers to some of our most commonly asked questions here. If you have a question for us, please call us at (402) 332-4306 or email us at service@bellpool.com with questions and comments.

  • Schedule your pool opening 3 weeks prior to any special occasion and let us know of any special requests or concerns
  • Get your pool cover bag, ladder, rails, and any other related items out of storage
  • Fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer and turn off the water
  • Please make sure to let us know of any gate codes or animals and any special circumstances.

NOTE: Be sure to schedule your pool closing with us prior to preparing the pool for our arrival.

  • Turn pump OFF
  • Close skimmer valves
  • Depress multiport valve and turn to WASTE
  • Turn pump ON
  • Drain 3” to 6” below pool returns
  • Turn pump OFF
  • Depress multiport valve and turn to FILTER
  • Turn pump ON and we will be there soon
  • Turn off heater.
  • Turn power OFF to the pump and main pool pump.
  • Close all skimmers and main drain valves.
  • Move multiport handle to “close” position.
  • Open the pump lid and remove the basket. Clean debris and rinse.
  • Replace the pump basket and lid
  • Move multiport handle to “filter” position.
  • Open main drain valve.
  • Open skimmer valves, one at a time
  • Turn pump ON heater, etc.

Do not backwash before vacuuming unless filter pressure is over 6psi above normal operating pressure.

  • Attach the vacuum head to the telepole and insert vacuum hose to the top of the vacuum head.
  • Place the vacuum head, hose, and pole in the deep end of the pool, making sure the pole is still sticking out of the water
  • Take the un-attached end of the hose and hold it in front of a return fitting. This will fill the vacuum hose with water. Wait until the vacuum head stops bubbling.
  • Place your hand over the end of the hose to keep the water in.
  • Place skimmer basket adapter on top of skimmer basket, and insert hose onto the adapter.
  • Wait 1/2 minute to minute to ensure the pump is primed.
  • Clean Away! Vacuum debris from your pool.
  • When you are finished, turn pump OFF. Remove all vacuuming equipment and proceed to backwash (Sand & DE Filters)

NOTE: You should backwash when the filter pressure is 8-10 psi above normal.
Never: Move multiport handle when the pool pump is ON. The multiport handle can only be moved when the pool pump is in the off position.
Never: Close ALL valves (skimmers and main drains) while system is running. One valve must remain open.
Never: Turn on the pool cleaner pump when the pool pump is in the OFF position.

  • Turn off heater
  • Turn off power to the pool cleaner pump.
  • Turn off power to the main pool pump.
  • Close all skimmer and main drain values.
  • Move multiport handle to “close” position.
  • Clean pump basket and replace / put lid back on.
  • Open main drain value.
  • Depress the multiport valve handle and move it to the BACKWASH setting.
  • Turn the Pump Back ON for at least 2 minutes. Wait until the water in the sight glass on the side of the multiport valve changes from cloudy to clear.
  • Turn the Pump back OFF. Depress the multiport valve handle and turn it to RINSE.
  • Turn the Pump Back ON for ½ minute
  • Turn the Pump OFF. Depress the multiport valve handle and turn it to the filter setting.
  • Turn the pool pump ON to resume normal operation. Inspect Filter Pressure to ensure the pressure has dropped to normal operating level. If it does not reach normal psi, give us a call.
  • Turn off the power to the pool cleaner, heater and the main pool pump.
  • Close skimmer and main drain valves.
  • Take the lid off of the pump and take out the pump basket.
  • Insert a garden hose into the pump and let the water overflow (it is filling up the skimmer and main drain lines).
  • Put the basket back in and put lid back on the pump.
  • Open the main drain valve and quickly turn on the pump. Wait for the pump to be fully primed (no air in the pump) on the main drain.
  • If the water level is high enough and the pump is full and running on the main drain, you can prime each skimmer.
  • Give the system a few minutes to prime. Once there is no air caveating in the pump, slowly start opening one of the skimmer valves. You might have to open, and then close a little, open further, then close a little again, until it is fully open. This will help tweak the air out of the line.
  • Follow the same procedure as the previous step on the other skimmer valves.
  • The system will be fully primed when the filter pressure returns to normal operating pressure.